Restoring Hope to the Hopeless

The House of Hope Trust is a charity organization comprised of four Trustees, including the Founder and volunteers, with an aim to restore Hope to the Hopeless through community based programmes that cater for vulnerable children, the elderly and those with special needs who are disadvantaged through extreme poverty.

Our Empowerment activities include facilitating Driving Lessons, Poultry projects and HIV & AIDS awareness programmes. We also facilitate donations to the elderly and less privileged children in form of food, clothes and educational needs. 

We support less privileged children from the infant stage to 18 years, the unemployed youth, widows and the elderly. With community based assessments and referrals, we work very closely with everyone we support and are fully aware of their circumstances at home. Some of the young children we work with live with their grandparents, who are now frail, effectively making the young children bread winners. 

Your support will give HOPE TO THE VULNERABLE

We do not want to create a cycle of donor dependency, but empower people, teach life skills and facilitate development within communities.

We have ambitious plans to empower the vulnerable, helping them to break out of poverty. Our overhead & admin costs are low, and funds raised will go towards creating sustainable independence boosting projects for the vulnerable.