we are passionate about the people we work with


Enock ali

— Founder & Trustee

ENOCK ALI was born in Shurugwi, Zimbabwe. Grew up in an ordinary family that would only afford basics. Life was so difficult and went to school under stressful conditions, bare footed and got primary examination fees through the Social Welfare Department. Enrolled to a rural high school which was 11km away from home. Worked for his school fees during the school holidays and fortunately he excelled in the Ordinary Examinations despite the difficulties and challenges he experienced. Worked under the Home Affairs as an Intelligence Officer. Later attached to the United Nations as a peacekeeper in Asia where he experienced the challenges faced by children and adults who were affected by the  outcome of war. Dealt with displaced and poor families which were in need of assistance. His life experience brought the passion to engage in community assistance.

moreblessing moyo

— Trustee

Moreblessing Moyo was born in Filabusi, Zimbabwe. Lost her father at the age of 6 years and born to her mother who was bethroned at 15 years. After the death of her father the relatives decided to adopt her siblings separately. She was adopted by her late father’s cousin. The welcome by the new family proved unfavourable and without love. Stayed with the family until the age of 12. She visited her mother and siblings twice in 6 years despite that they were 150 km apart. She then moved to the other cousin where she attained her ordinary level. Moved to Victoria Falls where she worked as a waitress. During that period she realised that there were children who lived in the streets and would ask the owner of the restaurant to keep excess food and feed them. She later began her charity work by taking care of a group of boys and sending them to school after a Tourist from America by the name Camroon Winton noticed how she would regularly feed the children and he offered to assist them with school fees, basics and accommodation. She kept them till the end of their primary level education and handed them to the Rotary club. She then continued doing community assistance up to date. She has the passion to charity work due to her life experience.

thembeni ncube

— Trustee

Thembeni Ncube was born in Victoria Falls. Lost both her parents when she was very young. Grew up in the care of her grandmother. Her sisters left from home and lives their own live. She hardly completed her ordinary level education. She had no one to upgrade her and started a retailing business and later got married, of which she called grace, since her life had a lot of challenges. The loss of her parents made her to have passion in community assistance so as to improve the lives of the underprivileged and the needy.

michael heathcote tatham

— Trustee

Tatham Michael Heathcote was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Lived an ordinary life in the farms and later went to ILSA college in Harare. Managed Matopo Teak woodwork factory between 1997 and 1999. Moved to Intunzi Teak up to 2005. Left for England were he stayed for 6 years. He then left England after he developed hearing health issues. He then moved to Victoria Falls where he currently stays with a close friend. The difficulties and challenges he met during his childhood and life experience contributed to his passion for community assistance.

Sandrah Samantha Gilbert

— Trustee

She is a member of The House of Hope Trust, a tour guide by profession and a member of Christian Centre International Church. Her philanthropical journey began with both work and church where she worked and helped the less privileged widows, elderly and orphans. Seeing the need, it broke her heart and gave her sleepless nights. She fell in love with the satisfaction she got from putting a smile on someone else’s face every time they received food, clothing, medical care or even just love and a hug to let them know that they are not alone. It made her sleep well at night and be at peace with herself knowing that she touched and changed a life. She is still on this journey and excited with what we are doing  and still to do at The House Of Hope Trust.