We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We DO!

— Poultry Projects

Our poultry projects are the best and most sustainable empowerment tools. Rearing broiler and layer chickens, our beneficiaries can supplement their diets, and sell eggs and dressed chickens for a small profit. Not only does this give them an income, but they get a life skill that they can use for the rest of their lives. 

— Growing Vegetables

As a way to ensure food security for their immediate families, we fund community garden spaces where our beneficiaries can grow nutritious vegetables for consumption and also for sale. 

— Rearing pigs

We plan to set up a community piggery project which will benefit the wider community. The aim of this project is to create a financialy viable project that is wholely owned and run by the community themselves. 

— Driving Lessons

We fund and train young individuals with life skills like Driving. In a world that’s forever changing, life skills like driving can boost an individual’s employability chances. We want to broaden the employability horizons for every individual we work with.

— School Fees

Education is still one of the most viable ways to get out of poverty. We believe that every child has the right to education in their early formative years of their lives. This is easier said, than done. Many young children miss out on early education because their parents or guardians simply cannot afford to pay school fees. With community referrals, we pay school fees for a number of children. However, there are more children who still need help.

— Basics Assistance

We donate food, clothing and medications to the most deprived on the community. Our heart is big, but our pocket is tiny. We have a lot of people in our area who live hand-to-mouth without a clear picture of where their next meal will come from. 

The House of Hope Trust would like to update our valued followers on the monthly programes that we carry out within the communities we visit.

On the 10th day of July 2021, the volunteers visited Khulu Agrippa Siongiswa Ndlovu aged 100 years and his wife Lesley Zulu aged 83 years. The two stay with their grand child Nkosilathi Tshuma aged 4 years who is orphaned after his mother who had mental health issues passed on when he was still an infant. The grandparents are living a sad and painful life as they are not capable of sustaining their living as well as taking care of their grandson.

 The family needs home based care and provision of food and clothing. On the second visit, The House of Hope Trust donated a blanket, clothes and food basics to the family. The crew assessed that there was need for crutches for the old man and some monthly medication supply for Gogo Lesley Ndlovu since she suffers from high blood pressure. On the 12th of August 2021 The House of Hope Trust joined hands with PENEIL FOUNDATION TRUST, which provided some food humpers for the elderly and some crutches for Khulu Ndlovu.

 Thanks to PENEIL FOUNDATION TRUST for donating towards such great cause.The team also visited Gogo Margret Sibanda aged 68 years of Ntabayengwe village, where some basic food commodities and medication were donated. Gogo Sibanda is staying with her 5 grand children who are in need of our support as she can not afford to provide for the grand children. The children also lack school fees, food and clothing. Also visited in the same village, is Khulu Albert Masule aged 94 years who is staying alone and needs provision of food, clothing and home based care. Lastly the volunteers re-visited Gogo Alice Ncube aged 84 years of Chidobe 3 village, Victoria Falls where the team donated basic food items and her monthly medication supply since she is suffering from High Blood pressure and Diabetes.

                         “RESTORING HOPE TO THE HOPELESS”